Thursday, September 3, 2009

What will you do to debrief students after you have attended the field trip?

After my students and I return from the fieldtrip, we will discuss as a class on what was the most fascinating thing/animal that they saw at the tidepools? Why? I will have students draw their most fascinating thing/animal in their science journals as well as write a few sentences on why they feel the way they do. We will also talk about the animals I showed them before we left and the animals they actually encountered. Are you disappointed with the amount of animals that we actually say versus all of the animals that call the tidepools home? If so, why do you think this is? (Think-Pair-Share with a partner) Finally, I will ask students to share what he/she and his/her partner discussed and ask any questions that he/she may have.

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  1. Is the picture of all the animal life/sea creatures posted at the Corona Del Mar Tide Pools? I think it's a great visual resource, with what looks like real artifacts!

    I also like the questions you debrief the students with. Even though I can imagine being pressed for time, I think it's important that you also gave students another opportunity to ask more questions upon their return from the trip.