Thursday, September 3, 2009

Respect the Tidepools, Save the Tidepools!

"The thousands of students, tourists, fishermen and hungry people who visit the Little Corona del Mar tide pools are loving the area to death. Some marine animals are disappearing from the craggy rocks of Orange County's most popular tide pools, and wildlife biologists are alarmed by the steady degradation of the spot at the south end of Corona del Mar State Beach......The students gathered crabs, urchins and limpets to show one another, then returned them where they were found. Although doing this is not illegal, biologists say it is not good for some organisms, especially the urchins, because prying them off rocks tears off feet, making them more vulnerable to predators."

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  1. I think it’s fitting & important that you’ve posted this excerpt from the LA Times. I wonder what the health & status of the tide pools are now. Thank you for reminding us & our students what a huge impact humans are making on our planet! I think this is a significant part of what students can learn from science. Their human connection to, and impact on earth’s ecosystems (and depleting resources) is affected by our daily consumption & habits…